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CNC Lathes
M3101  CNC车床

Horizontal CNC Lathes
M3102 卧式车床

CNC Lathes With Milling Turrets 
M3104 CNC车铣综合机

CNC Lathes, Vertical Bed Type
M3106 垂直式CNC车床

Wire Hanger Making Machines
M3124 衣架机械

Automatic Lathes
M3127 自动车床

Vertical Lathes        
M3128 立式车床

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CNC Drilling Machines
M3201 CNC钻床

CNC Drilling & Tapping M/C
M3204 CNC钻孔攻牙机

CNC Deep-Hole Drilling Machines (Gun Drilling)
M3206 CNC深孔钻床

Vertical Drilling Machines
M3211 立式钻床

Bench Drilling Machines
M3212 台式钻床

Multi-Spindle Drilling Machines
M3214 多轴钻床

Horizontal Drilling Machines
M3215 卧式钻床

Drilling & Milling Complex M/C
M3216 钻铣复合机

Tapping Machines, for Nuts
M3219 攻牙机

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CNC Milling Machines
M3301 CNC铣床

Bed Type CNC Milling Machines
M3302 CNC床式铣床

CNC Vertical Milling Machines
M3305 CNC立式铣床

Vertical Milling Machines
M3321 立式铣床

Horizontal Milling Machines
M3322 卧式铣床

Vertical/Horizontal Milling M/C
M3323 卧立两用铣床

Bed-Type Milling Machines
M3326 床式铣床

Heavy-duty Double-Column Milling Machines
M3327 龙门铣床

CNC Engraving Machines
M3341 CNC雕刻机

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CNC Grinding Machines
M3401 CNC磨床

CNC Surface Grinding Machines
M3402 CNC平面磨床

CNC Tool & Cutter Grinders
M3407 CNC工具刀具磨床

Surface Grinding Machines
M3422 平面磨床

Vertical Surface Grinding Machines
M3423 立式磨床

Grinding & Finishing Machines  
M3432 研磨机/抛光机

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Machining Centers, Vertical
M4101 立式综合加工机

Machining Centers, Horizontal
M4102 卧式综合加工机

Vertical & Horizontal Machining Centers
M4103 立卧两用综合加工机

Horizontal Machining Centers, Double-Column-Type
M4104 龙门型立式综合加工机

CNC 5-Axial Machining Centers
M4106 CNC五轴切削中心机

Deep-Hole Boring Machines
M4114 深孔搪床

Vertical Double-spindle Precision Boring Machines
M4117 立式双轴精密搪孔机

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CNC Electric Discharge Machines
M4301 CNC放电加工机

CNC Wire Cutting Machines
M4302 CNC线切割加工机

CNC Drill Electric discharge Machines
M4303 CNC细孔放电加工机

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CNC Boring Machines
M4501 CNC搪床

CNC Horizontal Boring & Milling Machines
M4502 CNC卧式搪铣床

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Precision Power Presses
M5301 精密冲床

Hydraulic Punch Presses
M5323 油压式冲床

Pneumatic Presses
M5324 气压式压床

Straightening Machines
M5337 矯直機

Sheet Metal Forming Machine
M5343 金属薄板压造成型机

Pneumatic / Hydraulic Machinery
M5344 空油压机

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Thread Rolling Machines
M5501 螺纹滚制机

Tapping Machines
M5502 攻螺丝机

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Special-Purpose M/C for Metal Cutting
M5701 金属切削专用机

High-Frequency Machines for Metal Working
M5703 高周波专用机

Special-Purpose Machines For Automated Drilling, Boring & Tapping
M5704 省力自动化钻孔/搪孔

Cutting Machines for Metalworking
M5707 裁断机

Other Metal Cutting Machines
M5714 其它金属切削机械

Assembly Machines
M5785 组合机床

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M6101 治具

M6102 夹具

Milling Heads
M6106 搪铣头

Multi-spindle Heads For Drilling & Tapping
M6110 多轴头钻孔攻牙机

Tungsten Carbide Tools & Cutters
M6118 碳化钨工具、刀具

Molds & Dies
M6119 模具

Combination-type Tools, Tool Cabinets, and Carriages
M6127 组合式刀具、工具柜&车

M6141 铣刀

M6143 钻头

Mill Arbors
M6147 铣刀杆

Boring Head Sets
M6153 搪孔头

Turning Tool Holders
M6166 车刀架

Boring Bars
M6169 搪杆/钻杆

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Inspecting/Measuring Instruments and Parts
M6301 检测、量测 设备及其零件

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M6701 轴承

Multiangular Milling Heads
M6705 万向铣头

Index Tables       
M6706 分度工作台

Mechanical Seals and Parts
M6716 机械轴封及其零件

Tool Pots and Automatic Tool Changers for Machining Centers
M6718 综合切削中心机用刀套及刀库

Linear Actuators
M6727 线性传动器

Linear Guideways
M6728 线性滑轨

M6729 马达

M6730 齿轮

Gear Motors
M6731 齿轮减速马达

M6737 主轴

Hydraulic Slides
M6741 油压式滑台

CNC Feed Units
M6742 滑台,CNC

Precision Plastic Parts
M6750 精密塑料零件

Other Machinery Parts and Components
M6799 其他机械零组件

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Hydraulic Components
M7101 油压元件

Hydraulic Cylinders
M7103 油压缸

Hydraulic Valves
M7104 油压阀

Pressure Control Valves
M7112 压力控制阀

Filters for Hydraulic Systems
M7116 过滤器,油压系统用

Pneumatic Components
M7119 氣压元件

Pneumatic Cylinders
M7124 气压缸

Filters, Regulators and Lubricators for Pneumatic Equipment
M7126 气压设备用滤清器、调压器及润滑器

Hydraulic Solenoid Valves
M7132 油压电磁阀

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Metal wire Products Working Machines
M7301 金属线材制品加工机

Wire netting Weaving Machines
M7303 金属网编织机

Metal-wire Products Working M/C
M7310 金属线材制品加工机

Wire Straightening Machines (Auto Positioning and Cutting)
M7311 直线机(金属线材校直、自动定长切断)

Metal Stretch Net Making M/C
M7314 金属扩张网设备

Special-purpose Machines for Sheet-metalworking
M7320 金属薄板加工专用机

Steel (Iron) Sheet/Coil Slitting M/C
M7322 钢(铁)板/卷分条机

Steel Sheet/Coil Leveling & Shearing Machines
M7323 钢(铁)板/卷整平裁剪机

Steel Plate Processing Machines
M7329 钢板加工机械

Wire Hanger Making Machines
M7333 衣架机械

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High Frequency Induction Heating Machines
M7713 高周波加热机

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Bolts & Nuts
M7905 螺钉与螺帽

Metal Parts Processing
M7913 机器金属零件加工

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Plastic Extruders
M0101 塑料押出机

Plastic Laminating Machines
M0102 淋膜机

Co-extrusion Machines
M0103 多层共挤押出机

PVC Profile Extrusion Machines
M0106 PVC异型押出机

Plastic Bag Making Machines
M0108 制袋机

PP/PE Woven Bag Circular Looms
M0109 编织袋机

Inflation Tubular Film-making Machines
M0111 吹袋机

Plastic Sheet & Film Calendering Machines
M0114 塑料皮与塑料布设备

Plastic Sheet Making Machines
M0115 塑料板制造机

Soft & Rigid Plastic Pipe Making Machines
M0116 塑料软硬质管制造机

PVC Heat Shrinkable Film Making Machines
M0120 塑料收缩膜制造机

Plastic Injection Molding Machines
M0131 塑料射出成型机

Vertical Injection Molding Machines
M0133 立式射出成型机

Robots for Plastic Processing Machines
M0135 塑料机械手臂

Plastic Mixers
M0153 塑料混合机

M0154 粉碎机

Plastic Recycling & Pelletizing Machines
M0155 塑料废料再生处理制粒机

Recycling & Reproducing Equipment
M0156 废料回收再生设备

Other Plastic Processing Machines
M0157 其他塑料机械

Plastic Foam Making Machines
M0159 塑料泡绵机械

Plastic Slitting & Rewinding Machines
M0171 塑料分条机、复卷机

Parts for Plastic Processing Machinery
M0179 塑料机械用零件

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Rubber Extruders
M0202 橡胶押出机

Rubber Cutters
M0206 切胶机

Other Rubber Processing Machines
M0209 其他橡胶机械

Parts for Rubber Processing Machines
M0210 橡胶机械零件

Rubber Shoe Making Machines
M0218 橡胶鞋制造机

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Automatic Cutting Machines
M0321 自动切卷机 (裁断机)

Laminating Machines
M0324 贴合机

Slitting and Rewinding Machines
M0325 分条、复卷机

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M1001 搅拌机

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Cutters and Knives
M1347 刀具

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Peripheral Equipment for Automated Machinery
M1501 自动化机械之外围设备

Automatic Control Systems
M1521 自动化控制系统

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Leather Processing Machines
M2002 皮革机械

High-Frequency Machines
M2006 高周波机械

Shoemaking Machines
M2008 制鞋机

Precision Machinery, Inspecting and Testing Equipment
M2068 精密机器及检测设备

Turnkey Equipment
M2092 整厂设备

Parts and Accessories for Industrial Machinery
M2094 产业机械零配件

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CNC Controllers for Machine Tools and Industrial Machinery
M6901 工具机及产业机械用CNC控制器

PC-Based Controllers
M6904 PC-Based控制器

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M0000 其他

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Machinery-associated Services
M99 机械相关服务

Machinery OEM/ODM
M9908 机械加工/代工服务

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